a confession to begin with

It’s been a year since I bought this domain. It has been abandoned, and I can’t feel guiltier. Looking at the brighter side, however, I now feel more ready to share something since some works have been started and marvellous changes have been seen. From a quiet, rather sizzling classroom to a noisy and occasionally full-of-tears-and-screams music therapy room; an unconfident child who has speech delays now proudly builds constructions with the instruments and makes his own songs; a frustrated mum who now learns to sync her pace with her child’s and celebrate every tiny progress her child makes; trainees who are getting more and more sensible and reflective each day; it’s incredible how human interaction impacts on people’s wellbeing. Thanks to music who always readily serves as a medium in these processes.

I have invited my students to share about their experiences with music therapy. Our stories will hopefully depict what music therapy in Indonesia looks like.

Turn your background music on and.. Happy Reading! 🙂


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